These two series of volumes were originally issued in England between the years 1875 to 1892. The initial plan was to issue a series of twelve volumes only, each number alternating with translations of texts drawn from either Assyrian or Egyptian sources. Yet, with the constant emergence of new texts becoming available, and improvements in translation making some texts more easily readable, it was decided to launch a new series of another six volumes, this time containing both Assyrian and Egyptian translations in the same volume.

The first series was published under the editorial aegis of Dr. Samuel Birch, who was the foremost authority on antiquities, particularly on Ancient Egypt. The second (or new) series was edited by Dr. Archibald Henry Sayce, another distinguished authority, particularly of Babylonian, Akkadian and Assyrian texts.

Although now very much antiquated in themselves, these small volumes were valuable to Massey, and so it has been thought beneficial to the reader of Massey's work to re-publish them here.

Front cover of vol. 12



Volume One (Contains: Bellino's Cylinder, Annals of Assurbanipal, Inscription of Darius. Babylonian Exorcisms, Descent of Ishtar, etc.)

Volume Two (Contains: Tale of the Two Brothers, Travels of an Egyptian, Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys, Hymn to Amen-Ra, etc.)

Volume Three (Contains: Early History of Babylonia, Annals of Assur-nasir-pal, An Accadian Liturgy, Assyrian Talismans and Exorcisms, etc.)

Volume Four (Contains: Rosetta Stone, Possessed Princess, Tablet of 400 years, Stele of the Dream, Hymn to Osiris, Hymn to the Nile, etc.)

Volume Five (Contains: Inscription of Tiglath Pileser, Inscription of Nebuchadnezzar, Early History of Babylonia, pt II, Hymn to Istar, etc.)

Volume Six (Contains: Great Harris Papyrus, Stele of the Coronation, Hymns to Amen, Egyptian Magical Text, etc.)

Volume Seven (Contains:  Revolt in Heaven, Annals of Sargon, Bull Inscription of Sennacherib, Prayer and a Vision, etc.)

Volume Eight (Contains:  Praise of Learning, Great Mendes Stele, Decree of Canopus, Papyrus of Moral Precepts, etc.)

Volume Nine (Contains: Annals of Assurbanipal, Chaldean Account of the Creation, Ishtar and Izdubar, Fight between Bel and the Dragon, etc.)

Volume Ten (Contains: Inscriptions of Queen Hatasu, Inscription of Haremhebi, Festivals of the Nile, Book of Hades pt. 1, Magic Papyrus, etc.)

Volume Eleven (Contains: Ancient Babylonian Legend of the Creation, Babylonian Legends. Chaldean Hymns to the Sun, Assyrian Fragments, etc.)

Volume Twelve (Contains: Book of Hades pt 2, Dream of Thothmes IV, Foundation of the Temple, Spoliation of Tombs, etc.)

Contents of this Series



Volume One (Contains: Inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I, Assyrian Story of the Creation, Babylonian Story of the Creation, etc.)

Volume Two (Contains: Expulsion of the Hyksos, Stele of Thotmes IV, Inscription of Telloh, Adventures of Sinhuit, etc.)

Volume Three (Contains: Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, Hymn to the Nile, Daughter of the Prince of Bakhtan, etc.)

Volume Four (Contains: Hymn to Osiris, Babylonian Contract Tablets, Great Inscription of Argistis, etc.)

Volume Five (Contains: Early Tablet of the Babylonian Chronicle, Stele of King Smendes, Oracle of Istar, etc.)

Volume Six (Contains:  Historical Inscriptions of Rameses III, Inscriptions of Sennacherib, Prayer of Assurbanipal, etc.)





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