Human Beings with Tails

[Extracted from The Daily Chronicle, August 10th, 1904.]

A German traveller claims to have discovered in the forests of Borneo a people who still wear the tail of our primitive ancestors. He does not write from hearsay; he has seen the tail. It belonged to a child about six years old, sprung from the tribe of Poenans. As nobody could speak the Poenan tongue, the youngster could not be questioned, but there was his tail sure enough, not very long, but flexible, hairless, and about the thickness of one's little finger. The Poenans are reported to be very simple, honest folk, with a child-like system of barter. They deposit in public places the goods they wish to exchange, and a few days later they find there the equivalents they desire. Nobody dreams of stealing. This is almost as remarkable as the vestige of the ancestral tail.

This news story is also repeated almost verbatim in several papers, including: Mexico Missouri message., September 15, 1904; San Francisco Call, Volume 96, Number 147, 25 October 1904; New York, NY, Globe and Commercial Advertiser, 1904 Jun-Aug; The Columbus Journal, 1904, September 14, Page 6; The Canadian Valley News. (Jones City, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 18, Ed. 1 Friday, September 16, 1904; The Daily Republican, 2 December 1904, Page 2, etc.