Letter to the Editor

[Extracted from The British Weekly, 29th August, 1895.]


Rector, officiating minister
(Hawarden Church).
8 o'clock celebration of Holy Communion.


Dear Sir,

A few Sundays ago—

When the point was reached for the communicants to partake, cards containing a hymn to be sung after Communion were distributed among the congregation. This hymn opened with the following couplet:—

'Jesu, mighty Saviour,
Thou art in us now.'

And my attention was arrested by an asterisk referring to a footnote. The word 'in,' in the second line, was printed in italics, and the note intimated that those who had not communicated should sing 'with' instead of 'in,' i.e. those who had taken the consecrated elements to sing 'Thou art in us now,' and those who had not, to sing 'Thou art with us now.'

Yours, &c.,