Positive Feedback

Masseiana has been online for nearly seven years now. Here's a selection of some of the good things various visitors have said about it:

'Thank you for bringing Massey's works into the public domain once again. There is such a wealth of information on your website. I have the utmost gratitude for your work. Thank you sincerely.'
—M. Worel

'Rarely have I seen such a comprehensive collection of wisdom in one place. I applaud the editor for his efforts, just as I applaud the monumental achievement of Massey: a man who must paradoxically be the most famous scholar in early comparative religious studies, yet also the least recognized. Finally his brilliance and achievements can be absorbed by all, along with his vision and light.'—J. L. Aasenden

'You've created a fantastic resource. To offer his work for free is brilliant.'—S. Stone

'I must commend you for the amount of work done on organising and managing the Masseiana.org website.'—R. Bowen

'I'm glad to see that your site is flourishing. You've provided a great service within this particular area of interest.'—I. Petticrew

'I enjoyed your site very much and you have introduced me to someone I unfortunately until now was not aware of.'—B. Wilkes

'I found your website to be a fascinating trove of information that I had never heard of before. Anyway, just wanted to say 'thank you' to you for making your research available.'—Mik

'I just wanna tell you that your work is the greatest thing I have ever ever come across.'

'Hi, I think what you are doing is awesome.'—R. Voigt

'Thanks, very nice website.'—J. B. Hare (founder of www.sacred.texts.com, now unfortunately deceased. RIP John, you set the format for all of us)

Your website is a gold mine. Thank you 1000 times over.'—A. Crim

My respects and compliments for this monumental work.
'—A. Vidinli

Congratulations on your worthwhile efforts. Let's hope that you receive feedback and instructive comments to support the cause.'
—D. Shaw

Thanks for your splendid work. The editorial work and ease of access on the web is priceless.'
—K. Woolnough

'I have spent years studying the works of Massey, who I thank for helping me see the "Light," so, I was quite excited to find a site devoted to "all things Massey" .... it is clearly a monumental labour of love. .. thank you; thanks a million times over for making this material freely available to the world.'
—W. Gordon

'I came into contact with this website through a search engine and I'm very impressed with the work you have put in the expository work of Mr. Gerald Massey.'
—W. J. Pitchford

'Your website is very good and although I would like to add further comment to it's greatness I am reluctant to do so as I have only just discovered the truly fascinating works of Gerald Massey through your website, which is testimony to your commitment. ...On a final note, your painstaking work has been more than worth while in my eyes as this site has proven to be a delight.'
—C. Clarke

'I have been a Gerald Massey fan for a long time. I have read most of his works scattered around the internet so I'm chuffed to find a site dedicated solely to Massey. I commend you on your efforts and appreciate the time you have dedicated to this huge task.'—Yvonne, from Australia

'I’ve been reading your website with rapt fascination as I have been a long-time admirer of Gerald Massey’s work. Thank you for your tremendous efforts to provide references for Massey’s work and even calling him to task for not documenting his references.'
—L. T. Brown

'This work is priceless and enlightens us all. Thank you for keeping the flame alive.'
—S. Georgieff

'Thank you; thanks a million times over for making this material freely available to the world. I'm truly grateful for what you've done with the site. Since discovering Massey I've spent countless days and nights trying to find many of his source materials—
especially the Ritual (as Massey called it)—but with very limited success. Having them now virtually at my fingertips will require yet another reading of Ancient Egypt, but a reading that will be far more profitable than before.'—Bakari

'Thank you very much for all your work. Gerald Massey could very well be a prophet.'—S. Burns

Excellent website.'
—C. Tedder

'Your site is a literal answer from the gods. I was seriously wondering if I could trust Massey's work. Needless to say, glad I found your site and I'm ecstatic over finding the Renouf translation of the BOTD on your site as well.'—Eric

'Yours is a favorite website.'—J. C. Silverman

'Thank-you for the continuation of the works of GM. In you and others his legacy lives on. Although I have studied the work of quite a few notable Kemetologists and Egyptologists, GM stands out the most. Continue his legacy through your Website! You will be blessed!'
—J. Hampton Jr.

'As before said, your efforts are thoroughly appreciated by me and by many others no doubt.'—D. Osbourne

'Congratulations on your very interesting Massey site.'—T. Thomas

'I just found your page and am now beginning. I own some of GM's works and am knee deep in my research; finding your site is like finding a gem in the desert—magnificent!'—B. Cochran

'Just found your web site accidentally as I was trying to find background on the influence of ancient spoken Egyptian on Hebrew and Arabic. Amazing what you have here. I will spend more time in the future studying it and will make some Maori friends aware of it. Fascinating.'—C. Ponsford

'I can't believe that Devon Drake. He is a very pathetic man if he believes what he wrote. Ignore him, Jon, your site is priceless.'—A. Mukhtari

'Thanks for posting the Idiotai thing, I found it really funny. He is truly an ignoramus and I'm surprised he can write at all. Keep 'em coming!'—D. Auden

'I enjoyed your response to this Devon Drake. I am a frequent visitor to your site dedicated to Mr. Gerald Massey. Keep the knowledge coming!'—W. Carroll

'So Mr Drake thinks he's better than us? I think he should take a good look at himself first before casting aspersions. Massey was a great man, and like you say Mr Drake is not.'—D.C. McCambridge

'Who does D. Drake think he is? Massey was a genius, and like other great men he had to suffer most of his life through ignorance and misunderstanding of his work. Thank god your site exists to put us in the light. Devon Drake? Shouldn't that be Dunce Drake!'—M. Armitgare

'Loved the Drake thing. Glad we're so enlightened. He is truly an ignoramus. Keep up the work, Jon. I'm always checking you out, and supporting your site.'—Robbo

'Thank you, Sir, for the great job you are doing on the works of Gerald Massey. Posterity will be ever-grateful to you. The French say “le chien aboie, mais la caravane passe”! So, let the dogs of stultification bark; your caravan of light will pass!'—E. Anizoba

'RE: your site. I love it. I've been a Massey fan for eons and am most grateful for the material you have made available.'—J. Butler

'Hello there. I have been a fan of your website for many years. I have loved, studied and continued Massey's work for many years and I thank you for keeping this site up and running all of this time.'—P. M. Bates

'Thanks for your good works.'—G. W. McFarlin

'Thank you for the good work.'—B. Badgley

'Congratulations for your fantastic "Masseiana."'—V. Luis

'THANK you for this post! :-)'—N. Goyens

'Thanks for putting forth the monumental effort that has resulted in this website.'—P. Hessell

'I just came upon your website during a web search and am quite impressed at the wealth of material you've "refined" and assembled. The persons responsible for this website have no doubt expended a great deal of time and financial resources in this offering and I'd like to show my appreciation by making a small offering. If this is acceptable to you, please let me know whether you're set up to receive donations through services such as PayPal.'—A. Barnwell (Thanks for your offer, but we believe information should be free, and uncluttered by ads.—JL)

'Just come across your site. I've been reading Massey for years and was delighted to find you've provided a fully comprehensive compilation of his great works, and all in one place. Long may it continue.'—G. Navins

'Love your site. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your response to that rude, obnoxious email. Did you ever hear from him again?'—S. Trevelayne (No! The coward!—JL)

'Great work.'—D. Milton

'Thanks for the site, and for providing all the references. I know it took you sometime, and I guess you worked hard getting it all together. But go easy on the man. He had alot to say, and putting it all down without giving all the references he can be forgiven for. Keep up the great work.'—T. Ruffalo (Hi Tony, I know what you are saying, but please take my word for it, Massey should have sourced better than what he did. The site took me ages to finish simply because he didn't.—JL)


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