This differs from the previous table I have compiled (see Table here) in that it contains a list of silent sources used by Massey for more material.
By 'silent' I simply mean he has not mentioned these titles throughout the corpus; as the quotations are identical it is quite evident they are are derived from the following:

Allen, Modern Judaism
(Total = 18)
Bartolocci, Bibliotheca Magna Rabbinica
Rabbi Bechai Legem
Ben Sira
Buxtorf, Synagoga Ivdaica
Eisenmenger, Entdecktes Judenthum
Hulsius, TheologiŠ JudicŠ
Jarchi in Chagiga Treatise
Levi, A Succinct Account of the Rites and Ceremonies of the Jews
Modena, The History of the Rites, Customs, and Manner of Life of the Present Jews
Stehelin, Rabbinical Literature
Elucidatio in Legem
Jewish Repository
Prayers for the Feast of Pentecost
Baring-Gould, Legends of the Patriarchs Eisenmenger, Entdecktes Judenthum
Baring-Gould, The Lost and Hostile Gospels
(Total = 2)
Jechiels, Disputation
Jewish Theriack
Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine Fontenelle, Oeuvres
Bryant, Observations upon the Plagues
(Total = 2)
Antiphanes, Lycone apud Athenaeum
Bunsen, Chronology of the Bible Censorini de Die Natali Liber
Cockayne, Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England Alexandri Tralliani Medici Libri Duodem
Cooper, Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt
(Total = 3)
Belmore Collection
Dalyell, Superstitions of Scotland Bochart, Hierozoicon
Davies, Celtic Researches Eustathius, Commentarii ad Homeri Iliadem
Deane, Worship of the Serpent Clavigero, The History of Mexico
Duncker, History of Antiquity
(Total = 2)
Lauth, Moses der Ebrńer
Pleyte, Le Scribe Ptahmesu
Dunlap, Sōd, the Mysteries of Adoni
(Total = 2)
Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala Denudata
Norberg, Codex Nasaraeus
Dunlap, Vestiges of the Spirit-history of Man
(Total = 3)
Movers, Die Phōnizier
Mauri Servii Honorati grŃmatici commentarius
Elton's Origins of English History Herodian, Roman History
Etheridge, Targums of Onkelos & Jonathan ben Uzziel Philo, various titles
Farrar, Life and Work of St. Paul
(Total = 2)
Hakkadosh, Nedarim Treatise
Pseudo-Herclitus, Epistle IX
Geddes, Critical Remarks on the Hebrew Scriptures
(Total = 2)
Flavii Josephi antiquitatum Judaicarum
Jablonski, Letter to Michaelis
Giles, History of the Ancient Britons Dionysii Orbis Descriptio
Higgins, Anacalypsis Jablonski, Opuscula quibus lingua et antiquitas Ăgyptiorum
Hislop's The Two Babylons
(Total = 30)
Ambrose's Epistle of Ambrose to the Emperor Theodosius
Anacreon's Teius ... ad fidem ... vet. ms. Vatican.
Baconniere-Salverte's Des Sciences Occultes
Baronius' Annales Ecclesiastici
Bower's The History of the Popes
Challoner's The Garden of the Soul
Chrysostom's Monitum in Homilie de Natal Christi
Cummian's Epistola XI.
Damascius' Vita Isidori
Eaton's Rome in the Nineteenth Century
Elliott's HorŠ ApocalypticŠ
Eustathius, Commentarii ad Homeri Iliadem
Firmicus's De Errore Profanarum Religionum
Gieseler's A Compendium of Ecclesiastical History
Gillespie's The Land of Sinim
Hurd's A New Universal History of the Religious Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs of the Whole World
Hyginus, Fabularum liber
Kennedy's Researches into the Nature and Affinity of Ancient and Hindoo Mythology
MacGavin's The Protestant
Marcellinus' Roman History
Proclus' The Theology of Plato
Savary's Letters on Egypt
Thevenot's Relation d'un Voyage Fait au Levant
Usher's Veterum Epistolarum Hibernicarum sylloge
Vossius' de Origine ac Progressu IdololatriŠ
Williams' A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands
Chronicon Paschale
The Golden Manual
Memoires de SociÚtÚ National des Antiquaires de France
The Catholic Layman
Lang's Myth, Ritual and Religion
(Total = 3)
Hearne's A Journey from Prince of Wales Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean
Moffat's Missionary Labours and Scenes in Southern Africa
Beiderbecke's article in South African Folklore Journal
Priaulx, Quaestiones Mosaicae Herrera, Histoire gÚnÚrale des voyages et conquestes des Castillans
Schultze, Fetichism Bastian, Afrikanische Reisen
Taylor, Diegesis Fabricius, Codex Apocryphus Novi Testamenti
Wilkinson, Egyptians in the time of the Pharaohs. Epeis
Zoeckler, The Cross of Christ
(Total = 10)
Hefele, Conciliengeschichte
Isidori Hispalensis Episcopi Originum
Ivo's Micrologus
Kalkar, Missions, their Place and Work in the Present Day
Lucas, LucŠ Tudensis De altera vita
Munter, Sinnbilder und Kunstvortellungen der Alten Christen
Raoul-Rochette, De la croix ansÚe
Stockbauer, Kunstgeschichte des Kreuzes
Voragine, Legenda Aurea.
Waitz, Anthropologie der Naturv÷lker