(Being an extension of my essay [Essay 1] on Massey's misuse of his source material, here presented in tabulated form for comparative purposes.)

NOTE: This list could be continued indefinitely, and contains only the borrowed material I am aware of.
I have compiled another list containing those primary sources he has used but does not mention. See here for other Table.

Baldwin, Ancient America Coronado, The Relation of F. V. de Coronado
Bancroft, Native Races Gage, The English-American his Travail by Sea and Land
Sahagun, General History of the Things of New Spain
Baring-Gould's Curious Myths of the Middle Ages Bale, The Actes of Englysh Votaryes
Bent, Ruined Cities Santos, Ethiopia Oriental
Birch, Hieroglyphic Dictionary
(Total = 5)
Brugsch, Geographische Inschriften
Champollion, Grammaire Égyptienne
     "                Notice descriptive des monumens égyptiens
Lepsius, Denkmäler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien
Barker Papyrus
Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled
(Total = 2)
Book of Babylonian Companions
Bonwick, Daily Life and Origin of the Tasmanians
(Total = 2)
Logan, Ethnology of the Indo-Pacific Islands
Bonwick, Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought
(Total = 2)
Murtadha, The Egyptian History
Bowdich, An Essay on the Superstitions Claudi Phtolemæi Alexandrini liber Geographiæ
Brand, Observations on Popular Antiquities
(Total = 67)
Aubrey's Remaines of Gentilisme and Judaisme
Bagford's The Bagford Ballads
Baldwin's Beware the Cat
Bale's A Declaration of Edmonde Bonners Articles
Basse & Philip's A Helpe to Discourse
Baxter's The Certainty of the Worlds of Spirits
Blount, Fragmenta Antiquitatis
Borlase's Antiquities, Historical and Monumental of the County of Cornwall
Bourne's Antiquitates Vulgares
Bridge's The History and Antiquities of Northamptonshire
Browne's Vulgar Errors
Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy
Butler's Hudibras
Carew's Survey of Cornwall
Collier's An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain
Dickenson's Greene in Conceipt
Dodsley's The Travels of Tom Thumb
Dorcastor's The Doctrine of the Masse Booke
Dunbar's The Testament of Mr. Andro Kennedy
Evan's An Eccho to the Voice from Heaven
Galfridus' Promptorium Paruulorum
Gay's Trivia: or, The Art of Walking the Streets of London
Gough's Antient and Modern Manners of the Irish
Granger's A Biographical History of England
Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
Grose's A Provincial Glossary
Hampson's Medii Ævi Kalendarium
Hasted's The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent
Hawkins' A General History of the Science and Practice of Music
Hospinian's Festa christianorum
Hutchinson's The History of Antiquities of the County Palantine of Durham
Keynes' The Roman Martyrologe
King's Miscellany Poems
Lloyd's The first part of the diall of daies
Lluellin's Men-Miracles
Marston's The Dutch Courtezan
Martin's Description of the Western Islands of Scotland
Nash's Christ's Teares Over Jerusalem
Owen's Geiriadur Cynmraeg A Saesoneg
Park's Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa
Pechell's The History of the University of Oxford
Pennant's A Tour in Scotland, 1769
Pennant's A Tour in Wales, 1770
Pennant's The Additions to the Quarto Edition of the Tour in Scotland
Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
Plot's The Natural History of Oxfordshire
Pope, Memoirs of the Extraordinary Life, Works, and Discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus
Ray's A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs
Rowlands' Good Newes and Bad Newes
Sinclair's The Statistical Account of Scotland
Skene's The Lawes and Constitutions of Burghs
Sophocles, Scholist on Antigone
Train's An Historical and Statistical Account of the Isle of Man
Tusser's Five Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie
Vallancey's Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language
Vaughan's The Golden Grove
Waldron's The Compleat Works
Walker, The Costume of Yorkshire
Wharton's Anglia sacra
Wormius' Danicorum monumentorum
The Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens
The English Festyval
Hereford Missal
Liber Festivalis in die S. Nicholai
Status Scholæ Etonensis
The British Apollo
Brewer, Dictionary of Phrase and Fable Ulfilas, Gothic Bible
Brinton, The Myths of the New World
(Total = 2)
Buteux, Personal communications to Le Jeune
Riggs, Dictionary of the Dakota Language
Brown, The Great Dionysiak Myth Georgii Cedreni Compendium Historiarum
Brown, The Unicorn
(Total = 3)
Planche, The Pursuivant of Arms
Waring, Ceramic Art in Remote Ages
Penny Cyclopædia
Bunsen, Angel Messiah Turnour, An Epitome of the History of Ceylon
Bunsen, Egypt's Place
(Total = 6)
Ælii Aristidis ... Opera Omnia Græce & Latine
Biot's Mémoire sur divers points d'astronomie ancienne
Chabas, Papyrus of Leyden
Dicæarchi Geographica quædam
Lepsius, Die Chronologie der Ægypter
Stephanus, De Urbibus
Burgess, Surya Siddhanta
(Total = 3)
Bentley's Historical View of the Hindu Astronomy
Biot's Sur la Chronologie des Chinois, par Ludwig Ideler
Biot's L'astronome d'Orient
Callaway, Nursery Tales Ogilby's Africa
Calmet's Bible Dictionary
(Total = 2)
Lighfoot, The Temple Service as it Stood in the Dayes of Our Saviour
Sisto, Bibliotheca sancta ex præcipuis
Charles, Book of Enoch Sokolov
Conway, Demonology and Devil-Lore
(Total = 2)
Comestor, Historia Scholastica
Morganwyg, Letter
Cowan, Curious Facts
(Total = 3)
Gough's Sepulchral Monuments in Great Britain
Moufet's Insectorum, Sive, Minimorum Animalium Theatrum
Valeriano's Hieroglyphica
Cowper, Apocryphal Gospels Vinac, Incipiunt sermones dominicales
Davies, Mythology and Rites of British Druids
(Total = 3)
Thomas Williams
Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales
Dawkins, Cave  Hunting Haigh, Some Account of the Island of Teneriffe
Dawkins, Early Man
(Total = 3)
Hoare, Ancient Wiltshire
Lartet's Sur une sépulture des anciennes Troglodytes des Pyrénées
Thurnham's On Ancient British Barrows
Deutsch, Literary Remains Juynboll, Chronicon Samaritanum
Drayton, Polyolbion Stow
Drummond, Oedipus Judaicus
(Total = 3)
Aratus' Phænomena et Diosemeia
Columella's De Re Rustica
Stock, Clavis linguæ sanctæ veteris Testamenti
Duke, Druidical Temples
(Total = 2)
Douglas' Nenia Britannica
Persius' The Satires
Dupuis, Origin of all Religious Worship Rabbi Moses Majemonidis
Dyer's British Popular Customs
(Total = 11)
Camden's Britannia
Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum
Maffei's Gemme Antiche Figurate
Oliver's The Monumental Antiquities of Great Grimsby
Rix, Chalk-back Day
Scott, Tales and Traditions of Tenby
Stow, A Survey of London
Troutbeck's A Survey of the Ancient and Present State of the Scilly Islands
Curious Manner of Making Freemen at Alnwick
A Descriptive and Historical View of Alnwick
A Kalendar of the English Church
Erman, Life in Ancient Egypt Lepsius, Auswahl der wichtigsten Urkunden des ägyptischen Altertums
Fergusson, Tree and Serpent Worship Histoire de la vie de Hiouen-Thsang
Fornander, An Account of the Polynesian Race
(Total = 2)
De Bovis, Etat de la Société Tahitienne
Domeny de Rienzi, Océanie, ou Cinquiemé partie de Monde
Frazer, Golden Bough
(Total = 2)
Caron's An Account of Japan
Cushing's My Adventures in Zuñi
Frazer's Totemism
(Total = 3)
Assikinack's article in the Academy
Jones' History of the Ojebway Indians
Fuerst, A Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon Saruk, Maberet Menaem
Ginsburgh's Kabbalah
Jellinek, Epistle to Abulafia
Modena, The History of the Rites, Customs, and Manner of Life of the Present Jews
Reuchlin, De Verbo Mirifico
Goldziher, Mythology Among the Hebrews
(Total = 3)
Prolegoménes Historiques d'Ibn Khaldoun
Muller, L'Aurore et le Jour
Sepp, Jerusalem und das Heilige Land
Goodwin, On Four Songs Dumichen, Altägyptische Tempel Inschriften
Grimm, Deutsche Mythologie Villemarque, Barzaz-Briez chants populaires de la Bretagne
Gubernatis, Zoological Mythology Burnouf, L'Inde Française
Hahn, Tsuni-||Goam
(Total = 6)
Alexander's An Expedition of Discovery into the Interior of Africa
Bastian's Die Verehrung der Himmelskörper
Dapper's Umbständliche und Eigentliche Beschreibung von Africa
Hooper's article in Journal of the Ethnological Society
Huc's Wanderungen durch des Chinesische Reich
Wangemann's Ein Reise-Jahr in Süd-Afrika
Haug, Essays Weber, The White Yajurveda
Herbert, Nimrod
(Total = 3)
Cassiodorus, Epistulae Varia
Geographer of Ravenna
Norberg, Codex Nasaraeus
Hotten, Slang Dictionary Rawlinson, Report to the General Board of Health
Howitt, Some Australian Beliefs Morgan, Life and Adventures of William Buckley
Inman, Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Names Hodgson, Notice on Buddhist Symbols
Kelly, Curiosities of Folklore
(Total = 2)
Kent, Sylvan Sketches
Mannhardt, Germanische Mythen
Kemble, Codex Diplomaticus Leo, Die Angelsächsischen Ortsnamen
Kenealy, Book of God
(Total = 3)
Drummond, Memoir on the Antiquity of the Zodiacs of Esneh and Dendera
Nonni Dionysiacorum libri sex
Knight, Discourse
(Total = 4)
Baronius' Annales Ecclesiastici
Dupuy's Histoire de l'Ordre Militaire des Templiers
L'Ancre's Tableau de l'inconstance des mauvais anges et demons
Ledwich, Antiquities of Ireland Boethius, Of the maners of the Scots in these daies
Lenormant, Chaldean Magic
(Total = 8)
Chabas, De quelques textes hiéroglyphiques
Chikhachev's Voyage Scientifique dans l'Altai Oriental
Deveria's Catalogue des manuscrits Égyptiens
Oppert's Sumerien ou Accadien
Rawlinson, Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World
Texier, Les Tribus Arabes de l'Irac-Arabi
The Kalevala
The Cuneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia
Lillie, Buddhism in Christendom
(Total = 3)
Evagarus, History of the Church
Dionysius, The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy
Socratis Scholastici Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ
Lubbock, Origin of Civilisation
(Total = 38)
Bachofen's Das Mutterecht
Belcher's Notes on the Andaman Islands
Bishop of Wellington, Notes on the Maoris of New Zealand
Brett, The Indian Tribes of Guiana
Burton's Abeokuta and the Cameroons Mountains
Caillie's Travels Through Central Africa
Carver's Travels Through the Interior Parts of North America
Cook's Second Voyage
Cullen's The Darien Indians and Ship Canal
Davis' The Chinese
Denham's Narrative of the Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa
Dieffenbach's Travels in New Zealand
Dubois' Description of the Character, Manners and Customs of the People of India
Egede's A Description of Greenland
Erman's Travels in Siberia
Goncalves Dias' Diccionario da lingua Tupy
Gray's Travels in Western Africa
Hardisty's Notes on the Tinneh
James' Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains
Keppel's A Visit to the Indian Archipelago
Lafitau, Moeurs des sauvages Ameriquains
Lewin's The Hill Tracts of Chittagong
Lichtenstein's Travels in Southern Africa
Marsden's The History of Sumatra
McCulloch's An Account of the Valley of Munnipore
Merolla's A Voyage to the Congo
Mitchill, On the Origin and Antiquities of the Aborigines of Our Country
Pallas' Voyages de m. Pallas, en différentes provinces de l'Empire de Russie
Roberston's The History of America
Shortt's On the Wild Tribes of Southern India
Spix and Martius' Travels in Brazil
Stevenson's A Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years' Residence in South America
Swan's Vocabulary of the Makah Dialect
Tanner's A Narrative of the Captivity and Adventures ... During Thirty Years' Residence Among the Indians
Wallace, A Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro
Watson and Kaye's The People of India
Yate's An Account of New Zealand
Lundy, Monumental Christianity
(Total = 4)
D'Acugna's Voyages and Discoveries in South-America
Aringhus's Roma Subterranea nouissima
Bosio, Roma Sotteranea
Rossi, La Roma Sotterranea Christiana
Mallery, Collection of Sign-Language
(Total = 3)
Burton's The City of the Saints
Jorio's La Mimica degli Antichi Investigata nel Gestire Napoletano
Wied's Travels in the Interior of North America
Mitchell, Past in the Present
(Total = 5)
Anderson's Notes on the Character and Contents of a Large Sepulchral Cairn of the Bronze Age at Collesie.
Martin's Description of the Western Islands of Scotland
Moryson's An History of Ireland
Pennant's A Tour in Scotland, and Voyages to the Hebrides in 1772
Wallace's On the Origin of Human Races
Muir, Original Sanskrit Texts
(Total = 2)
Benfey's Occident und Orient
Roth, Zur Literatur und Geschichte des Weda
Muller, Anthropological Religion Pengelly, On the Insulation of St. Michael's Mount
Muller, Chips from a German Workshop
(Total = 8)
Bannister's A Glossary of Cornish Names
Bottrell's Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall
Holmberg's Ethnographie Sizzen über die Völker des Russischen Amerika
Hunt's Popular Romances of the West of England
Leland's The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary
Lhuyd's Natali Soli
Worcestre's Itinerarium
Windischmann, Zoroastriche Studien
Norris, Ancient Cornish Drama Lhuyd
Northcote and Brownlow, Roma Sotterranea Prosper Africanus, De Promissionibus et Prædictionibus
O'Neill, Night of the Gods
(Total = 10)
Budge's Babylonian Life and History
Capella, Satyricon
Chamberlain's The Language, Mythology, and Geographical Nomenclature of Japan
Mayer's The Chinese Reader's Manual
Nakatsune's Study of Three Generations
Philastre, Tsheou Yi: Le Yi King
Satow's Ancient Japanese Rituals
Satow's Pure Shinto
Satow and Hawes' A Handbook for Travellers in Central and Northern Japan
Schlegel's Fou-Sang Kono
Oliver, History of Initiation Picart's The Ceremonies and Religious Customs
Ralston, Russian Folk-tales Wenzig, Westslawischer Märchenschatz
Reclus, Primitive Folk
(Total = 2)
Ross' Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage
Weitbrecht's Missions Evangeliques, Inde Britannique
Renouf, Parallels in Folk-Lore Spitta, Contes Arabes Modernes
Sale, The Koran
(Total = 5)
Al-Beidawi's Commentary on the Koran
Al-Seyid's MS.
Al-Zamakshari's Al-Kashshaf'an Haqa'iq At-Tanzil
Herbelot's Bibliotheque Orientale
Hyde's Historia religionis veterum Persarum
Sayce, Principles of Comparative Philology Buschmann, Der Sonorischen Grammatik
Sharpe, Egyptian Mythology
(Total = 2)
Ambrose Expositio Evangelii Secundum Lucam
Origen, Epistles ad Romans
Sharpe, The History of Egypt Under the Romans. Cosmæ Ægyptii Monachi Christiana Topographia
Smith, Dictionary of the Bible Sidonius, Epistulae
Spencer, Ceremonial Institutions Bastian, Afrikanische Reisen
Spencer, Descriptive Sociology
(Total = 2)
Hutchinson, Narrative of the Niger
Mendieta, Historia Eclesiastica Indiana
Spencer and Gillen, Native Tribes Grey, Vocabulary of the Dialects of South-Western Australia
Stern, Ancient Festivals of the Nile Macrizi's Geschichte der Copten
Talbot, Religious Belief of the Assyrians Paley, The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy
Taylor, Words and Places Leo, Die Angelsächsischen Ortsnamen
Taylor, Te Ika Maui MacGregor, The Rob Roy on the Jordan
Taylor, Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries Simplicius' Commentary on Aristotle's Physics
Tylor, Primitive Culture
(Total = 20+)
Bachofen's Das Mutterecht
Baker's The Albert Nyanza
Eireks Saga
Bastian's Die Voelker des Oestlichen Asien
Bowen's A Grammar and Dictionary of the Yoruba Language
Burton (several titles)
Columbus' The History of the Life and Actions of Admiral Christopher Colon
Cusick's Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations
De Brebeuf's Relation de ce qui s'est Passé dans le Pays des Hurons en l'Année 1636
De la Borde's Relation de l'origine, moeurs, costumes, guerre et voyages des Caraïbes
Gladwin's Ayeen Akbery, or the Institutes of the Emperor Akbar
Hale's Ethnography and Philology
Haliburton's Unity of the Human Race Proved by the Universality of Certain Superstitions Connected with Sneezing
Hume's The Natural History of Religion
Loskiel's History of the Mission of the United Brethren Among the Indians in North America
Macpherson's Memorials of Service in India
Mason's The Karens
Montesinos' Mémoires Historiques sur l'Ancien Pérou
Pane's The Relación of Fray Ramón Pane
Plath, Die Religion der alten Chinesen
Spreeuwenberg's A Glance at Minahassa
Tylor, Researches into Early History of Mankind
(Total = 14)
Backhouse's Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies
Dobrizhoffer's Historia de Abiponibus
Du Tetre's Histoire Générale des Antilles Habités par les Français
Le Jeune's Relation de le qui s'est Passé en la Nouvelle France
Lewis and Clark's History of the Expedition Thence under the Command of the Captains Lewis and Clark
Lieber's On the Vocal Sounds of Laura Bridgman
Munzinger's Ostafrikanische Studien
Prescott, Contributions to the History, Customs, and Opinions of the Dacota Tribe
Richardson's Arctic Searching Expedition
Rochefort's Histoire naturelle et morale des Iles Antilles
Walpole's Four Years in the Pacific
Wilson's Indian Tribes
Wood's The Natural History of Man
Yate's An Account of New Zealand
Vallancey, Collectanea de rebus hibernicis Schedius, De diis germanis
Wedgwood, A Dictionary of English Etymology
(Total = 2)
Gouldman, Copious Dictionary
Weiland, Nederduitsch Taalkundig Woordenboek
West, Pahlavi Texts Darmesteter, Ormazd et Ahriman
Wiedemann, Religion of the Ancient Egyptians Lefebure, Les Hypogeés Royaux de Thèbes
Wilkinson, Manners & Customs of the Ancient Egyptians Jablonski, Opuscula quibus lingua et antiquitas Ægyptiorum
Wright, Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English
(Total = 12)
Beaumont's The Island Princess
Gayton, Festivous Notes
Gouldman, Copious Dictionary
Huloet, Abecedarium Anglico-Latinum
Leland's The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary
Mayne, The Amorous Warre
Sidney, The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia
Stevenson, Gammer gurtons Nedle
Arthour and Merlin
Everie Woman in Her Humor
Guy of Warwick